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Richard S. Scheff and Philip A. Amabile are law enforcement professionals with proven track records extending over 60 years of combined experience.  As career law enforcement officers they have held operational, investigative and administrative positions including patrol officers, detectives, supervisors and commanders for the Broward County (FL) Sheriff’s Office.  As detectives and detective sergeants, Richard and Philip investigated hundreds of murders, suicides, accidental and suspicious deaths, countless robberies, white collar crime, burglaries, violent felonies and sex crimes. Experienced in all facets of criminal, juvenile, civil and internal investigations, they have both been designated as Certified Expert Witnesses in Criminal Investigations and Police Procedures by the courts.
As police chiefs and division commanders, they have both directed the day to day operations, as well as develop policy and training, for both traditional and unique police functions which include: Civil Process Division (overseeing all civil process, subpoena and civil writs execution), Internal Affairs Division, Child Protective Investigation Division, investigating all allegations of abuse and neglect, Elderly Abuse, Marine/Dive and Aviation Units, DUI Enforcement Units, Crime Scene Investigation and Crisis and Risk Assessment.
Additionally, both Richard and Philip are nationally recognized instructors of police subject matter, having provided training to federal and state law enforcement agencies, city and state government entities and to the corporate and legal profession. Philip currently instructs as an adjunct professor of criminal justice studies for a local college.
Extensive law enforcement careers, along with the training, diversity of their  assignments and experiences make this team uniquely qualified to provide outstanding investigative service and consultation in the following (not limited to) areas:
·         Full Service Information Research
·         Background Investigation/Records Check
·         Polygraph Services
·         Forensic/Cognizant/Hypnosis Interviewing
·         Security/Risk Assessment/Safety Consultants
·         Policy Review/Development
·         Use of Force /Force Continuum Assessment
·         Domestic Violence/Workplace Violence
·         Criminal/Civil/Internal Investigation
·         Employee Theft/Loss Prevention
·         Vehicular/Aviation/Maritime Crash Reconstruction
·         Legal Consulting
Contact either Richard Scheff or Philip Amabile to discuss your investigative needs.

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